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Xzentrix 2013 party in Seeshaupt, Germany (6. - 8. September 2013)

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Each September it is Xzentrix time! As usual the Xzentrix was held in the Feuerwehr-Halle in Seeshaupt. Instead of the "20.000 Meter Lauf" competition on the C64, this year, the first German Whacky Wit competition was held and brought in a new crowd of people - at least on Saturday.
While I dropped out in the quarter finals of the competition, my brother Odin actually managed to win third place! Congratulations!

Despite the sunny and warm autumn weekend we spent most of the time inside the house in order to play video games or Whacky Wit, talk to friends or have a cold beer with the other 8 and 16-Bit heroes. In other words, we had fun and I'm looking forward to be there next year again! Thanks to the hosts for planning all of this and having us there!


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