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The Amstrad CPC is an old 8-bit Homecomputer that was first sold in 1984 by the British company Amstrad (Alan MacSugar Trading) and that gained a wide popularity in the eighties and early nintieth of the past century.

Even now, 17 years after this homecomputer was released, some people still use it and a lot are still fond of it and long back to the times when everything was easier and homecomputers were still running a text-based BASIC operating system. When it was Commodore against Amstrad, when Atari was still dominating the Video Game market and when games were still innovative and fun to play!
It was truly a great time back then!

People were interested in creating new and exciting things on their computers and in mastering this weird mnemonics-based assembly language. The so called freaks met on parties all over Europe to discuss programming styles, special techniques and exchange their secret knowledge about cracking the hidden effects in the hardware and display adapters - long before anybody had ever heard about polygons and 3d engines.

Midimaze on the Atari ST was the only game worthy of being called a true network game. Names like Rob Hubbard, Pete Cook, David Witthacker or Raphaele Cecco still made everybodies eyes shine and just a few so called lamers came to the computer parties only to copy and play games.
The world was still in order back then....

So what is it that people still facinates about this really antiquated homecomputer nowadays?

Maybe it's because everything was easier back then. But maybe it's also because we were in our teens or early twens back then and we were spending a lot of time in front of these machines. Everybody wanted to learn how to program such a machine to create the ultimate demo or game and become the next David Braben (one of the two famous creators of the smash-hit space-trading game 'Elite').

In fact, it was the time when we were young, when we were looking into a bright and optimistic future, when we had lots of dreams and lots of spare time to try to fulfill them. Becoming rich and famous with a self-created computer game was everything anybody could wish for - me included!

After all I actually succeeded in writing a game on the Amstrad CPC. But everything I got was a little money, limited fame in the remaining CPC scene, a lot of computer skills and a lifetime worth of fond memories of the time when computers were simple and videogames in 16 colors were great fun...

I'd like to invite you to take a closer look at my dreams and my works of that time and to share with me some more memories of the time of our youth!


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