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Comment 14: Greetings from greece (-8

many thanks for bringing back good old memories!!

especially those party-pics of Catloc (RIP), were very touching for me...

Greets to: Rex, George of Magic Club of Thessaloniki (I read a post of you here -amazing after all these years, contact me!!!), Antitec and Optimus, JFMC and all good fellows I forget
right now!!!

Odiesoft, congratulations again for your immense work on CPC, keep up the good work, man !!

wish you all the best tons of respect...

FG Brain of Chaos

Written on 2. 11. 2006 by FG Brain of Chaos   (Homepage: http://geocities.com/chaoscpc)

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Comment 13: new zealand

hey Georg!

not much happening on your message board! Put up some new pics man!

I am still on my way back home, but I am well. How are things in Konstanz? Any good parties?


Written on 26. 02. 2006 by alan

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Hi Alan,

your wish is my command...

I've put up the pictures from your birthday party and I'm about to put up pictures of the 'Schmotzige Dunschdig' from the Fastnet in Konstanz. Enjoy!


Written on 14. 03. 2006 by odie  

Comment 12: Megablasters -- great game!

And your pages giving full details of it are also great! Thanks to the cheat mode, I was at last able to see the entire game.

I'd love for someone to do a PC remake of this game, especially if it could run on my aging P75 (with DJGPP and the Allegro games-routine library, this should be perfectly possible...).

Written on 3. 11. 2004 by Robert Baker (Homepage: http://www.rjbaker.tk)

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Any CPC fan who wants a quick and hollow laugh: Go to http://tinyurl.com/m9mf (redirects to WoS) and download a Spectrum emulator and "Eric and the Floaters" by Hudson Soft. Although this game was the forerunner of "Bomber Man", it's totally cr@p -- there aren't even any power-ups.

I must be the only Spec-chum who absolutely hates it.

Written on 16. 11. 2004 by Robert Baker (again) :-)

Comment 11: I have been in Wuppertal with Hiroyuki and her Dad

I cannot believe it my German friend!

About a decade ago, I've been in a EuroMeeting in Wuppertal. I am the creator of the old "Amstrad Magic Club". I've left my website address. If anyone wants to contact me, especially the Publisher of the "Rundschlag" magazine, just send an email at: george AT web-site-promotion.gr (replace AT with @).


Oh, those glorious Amstrad days!

Written on 29.10.04 by George Papazoglou (Homepage: http://web-site-promotion.gr)

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Comment 10: Great Work

Please send me email about it marius@nwsolutions.com

Written on 25.10.04 by marius  

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Comment 9: AnimagiC

*froi* du hast ja bilder von uns (ani 01 & 02)! das ja toll!!! ^^ dankeschön! eine schöne zeit noch

blessed be
isa aka alcyone (ani 01)

Written on 25.10.04 by Isa

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Comment 8: cooool

salut mec ! super le bon vieu temps

moi aussi j'ai gouté !

Written on 18.07.04 by firecrack

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Thanks for givin us your works!
It's a real pleasure, even for a non-programer like me, to read techncal informations, tweaks...
you're mastering your art!
Thanks again

Written on 23.07.04 by virusX

Comment 7: Nice site

Feeling nostalgic, I looked through a load of CPC pages and came to this excellent site. You always were one of the innovators on CPC and I absolutely loved Megablasters despite Angela Cook and Jonty claiming that tried I pirate it (and no, I didn't, Jonty was trying to blacken my name is all). It's nice to see that one of the true freaks has got a site as comprehensive as this.

I was a crap coder (every time I discovered a new routine I'd make a shitty little demo of it), but a good swapper and discmag editor (Impact! and the infamous Donut Mag). My only fully MC demo never got released and it was only up to 1986 standards! Ah well. Good times though. I look fondly on those days when I woke up and went to the letterbox and had loads of letters and discs from all over Europe, now it's just bills!


Written on 30.04.04 by Slice from Donut System  

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Comment 6: Gruß

Aloah !
Gibts doch gar nicht :-) CPC scheint doch noch im Netz zu existieren.
Gruß !!

Written on 16.04.04 by Vassago  

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Comment 5: General admiration

Georg rocks.I love the pictures most of all. I am not a programmer...just an admirer.

Written on 13.04.04 by Chee Chee Boom  

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