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CPC Game ReviewsTons of reviews of CPC games (thanks for the great Megablasters review), including one screen shot and a download link. Also has a lot of scans of game ads and a very exhaustive links list 
CPCSceneCPC Scene.com intends to unite all remaining active CPC users. After a rough start, now it offers is up-to-date information and news from the remaining CPC scene. Recommended!   
CPC WikiA quickly growing Wiki with information on the CPC, demos, games, freaks, parties, etc. It currently has a very active community and lots of posts and changes. Definitly a must see! 
Pouet NetScene page on many different systems. Also has a CPC section with some more or less recent CPC demos to download. 
The Amstrad CPC Games Ressource (TACGR)Huge List of Amstrad CPC games, with screenshots, cover scans, Amstrad Action rating and links to downloads and reviews. No own reviews though. 
The CPC ZoneAnother huge page dedicated to the CPC. It features game reviews (btw. thanks for the good Megablasters review ;-), Cover scans, Music rips, Interviews, Information on Emulators, game cheats, etc. Really great, and it has a nice layout as well! Site is currently offline and supposed to be back 
XzentriX PartyPage on the annual XzentriX homecomputer party in Germany - the longest running 8-Bit party in Germany! If there is one CPC party you're going to every year, this is it! Lots of CPC freaks there, Brainy usually brings his coffee flatrate server, "Die Drei Lenšre" often present new albums. This is the place to be every year (besides the Bergkirchweih in Erlangen...)  


CPC group webpages

Die drei LenoereEverytime Kangaroo, Octoate and Villain meet, another crazy, weird, crappy, wild and psychedelic song is being produced. On this webpage these "three lenors" publish the musical fruits of their mental condition. If you like to get high or under the infuence of other sorts of drugs, this is the music matching your condition. Recommended, somehow! 
BENG HomepageDSC has set up this page with some info on BENG, the Bad European News Gang. The page is unfinished and hasn't seen an update since 2000. I wonder who's paying for the webspace for so long without really using it?. 
BollawareThe CPC group Bollaware is well known for their incedible role playing game Black Land, for their Street Figther II Turbo clone Fres Fighter II Turbo and for excellent Mode 1 graphics by Soggo. (And also for using the mysterious Fres in almost any game or demo they have ever produced). Their page contains exhaustive information on their other games and their CPC demos including download links. 
Genesis 8 HomepageInformation on the CPC, CPC Emulators, downloadble DSK Files, Music and other stuff. Gallery with pictures of some French CPC Users (e.g. Madram, Roudoudou, Elliot, ...), Information on CPC books, hardware and PC remakes of old CPC games.  
The Inicron siteZAQ and WSX of Inicron are best known for their ROM-RAM-BOX which is a great piece of hardware in which programs can be uploaded that are started with the every system start of the CPC. So you could put copy programs, Protext or the Maxam assembler into the RR-Box and start the program with an RSX command instead of loading it from disc. The page has some information on the RR-Box and how to build it. 


Personal webpages

NoRecessWeb site of a French CPC user who lives in Canada and is currently interviewing a lot of the old CPC heroes from back then - he also interviewed me ;-) Besides the interviews there's some information about his own work, which includes some really cool CPC+ demos and artwork. Definitely worth to look at! 
Batman GroupBatman forever Demo live in a Java CPC Emulator on Retropower.eu website. Really cool CPC demo. Since I haven't found a website of the Batman group I'll post this link instead. Batman forever is one of the must see demos on the CPC lately! 
Xyphoe's website.Huge CPC or rather GX4000 fan from the United Kingdom. His site has a lot of information on the GX 4000, all the games released for that console and updates on eBay auctions of GX4000 moduls. Besides that Xyphoe has a great YouTube Channel with lots of videos with reviews or walkthroughs for popular CPC games. In his Top 20 Amstrad CPC games list, Megablasters scored the first place. Thanks! 
FutureOS - the new OS for CPC6128(+)Information about Future OS on the CPC. Download links and instruction manual for FutureOS.    
Symbos - Multitasking operating systemImagine you could run Windows 98 on your CPC(+). Symbos is as close as you can get! Thanks to Prodatrons incredible efforts, Symbos provides a multitasking, graphical operating system that no one would have believed to be possible on a CPC! Prodatron put an amazing effort in this - unbelievable. Highly recommended!  
Huggers WorldThe webpage of Face Hugger, the ingenious CPC coder, sadly contains no information whatsoever on his CPC productions. He has some information on his Acorn stuff, e.g. his RiscPC CPC emulator and his gameboy emulator as well as on Fraggles RiscPC works. He told me once that he intended to put up some CPC related stuff on his page, but I haven't seen any yet. The site hasn't been updated in a long time though 
Imperial MageIt's Mage's own homepage. Mage, Antoine, Yage and me created the CPC Megademo Divine back in 1995. The webpage is rather small and offers some French and some English information. It hasn't been updated since 1998 though.  
Los Mejores Juegos del Amstrad CPCLots of screens from CPC games and download links. Some games can be played online in a Java applet! Page is completely in Spanish tough. 
ProdatronProdatron is a highly gifted CPC programmer who created several cool demos and participated in some megademos, e.g. Voyage 93 demo, Prodatron megademo, etc. For a couple of years he is working on a Windows like operating system for the Amstrad CPC called Symbos. This is an amazing project! This website and the Symbos website are definitly worth a visit! 
Roland BarthelBesides being the only programmer of the CPC demo and game group Bollaware, Roland Barthel, aka DocBartoc also has other interest. This page lists some of his other activities and works. The image galleries of his collected McDonalds boxes and cups is strangely interesting.  
RoudoudouWeird French CPC freak. Has some strange pictures of himself on his page. Information on his CPC work is very limited though. 
Soggo's pageAfter abandoning DocBartoc, Soggo from Bollaware moved on to other leisure time activities. His main objective in live now seems to be drawing women in leather and chains. Beware, this page contains explicit imagery! Very sick but sometimes really cool graphics though. 
Tom et JerryTom et Jerry used to write demos and intros for cracks on the CPC. The page is yet again completely in French. It offers information and download links for a lot of demos and intros of Tom et Jerry. Also has some information on the two members of this group and on how to crack CPC games. 



ArnoldArnold is one Richard Bannister's countless emulators for the Mac. Since my switch from PC to Mac this is the emulator of my choice. Not all demos run on it, but most games and demos run quite alright. 
Caprice 32A great CPC emulator, it's one of the two CPC emulators I often used on the PC before I switched to Mac. It can load upto 16 ROMs, so that you can install your favorite software (e.g. Disc'o'magic, protext, maxam, ...). It emulates the regular (non-plus) CPCs only though. 
WinApe 32My other favorite CPC emulator on the PC. It can emulate the plus range of the CPCs as well, which is great. Most of my stuff runs well either on WinAPE or on Caprice32. Recommended! 



CPC TelegrammBrainblaster and Gert Genial intended to set up a page dedicated to the German fanzine CPC Telegramm. Unfortunately there is nothing more besides a short intro screen. Recently Brainblaster has posted some news... 


Links to web pages of my Family

Speccy.deOne of my brothers pages with some Information on the Spectrum computers, a few pictures and some links. 
Christof OdenthalThe other web page of my brother. There's just some pictures of his high school reunion on there though.