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Contact address

To ward off spam I won't give you a mailto link on this homepage. Instead you can copy the email information from the image below and send me an email manually.

But before you start typing an email to me please read the following two requests:

  • Please don't ask for any DSK files. The .DSK files of my games and demos can be downloaded from the Amstrad -> Downloads section. Besides that no new .DSK files of any of my stuff exist!

  • Please also don't ask if I intend to finish any of the unfinished stuff or whether I want to create anything at all on the CPC, because I won't. I just don't have time for the CPC anymore and I also don't get enough rewards back from creating Z80 code to pick up programming on the CPC again.

For any other questios or comments you can refer to this email address:

last updated on Wednesday, June 25. 2003 by Odiesoft