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Xzentrix 2007 Party in Seeshaupt (7. - 9. Sep. 2007)

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This years' Xzentrix was somewhat ill-fated. First of all, there a water pipe burst in the hall in which the Xzentrix was supposed to take place and the hosts of the Xzentrix were informed of that just a few days before the meeting date. They got reassigned to a different hall with three limitations: 1. no barbecue, 2. no sleeping in the hall and 3. no showers.

So he traditional Xzentrix grill party was cancelled this year, though a few visitors did grill some stuff on a table grill in the kitchen. Also we viaolated against the sleeping prohibition, but hey, were should this many people stay in a village with but one hotel? Only the lack of showers was a big disadvantage that couldn't be remediates easily. Some just didn't shower at all, others tried to wash themselves with cold water over the sink or by jumping into the Starnberger lake. Both of these alternatives were suboptimal.
Besides that the party was great fun and way too short - as usual. Oh and some important people were dearly missed...

Hopefully next year we can go back to the regular meeting hall with showers and sportsmats and all the permanent guests!



100_5523.JPG 100_5524.JPG 100_5526.JPG
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100_5554.JPG 100_5555.JPG 100_5556.JPG
100_5557.JPG 100_5559.JPG 100_5560.JPG
100_5561.JPG 100_5562.JPG 100_5563.JPG
100_5564.JPG 100_5565.JPG 100_5566.JPG
100_5567.JPG 100_5568.JPG 100_5569.JPG
100_5570.JPG 100_5571.JPG 100_5572.JPG
100_5573.JPG 100_5574.JPG 100_5575.JPG
100_5576.JPG 100_5577.JPG 100_5578.JPG
100_5579.JPG 100_5580.JPG 100_5582.JPG
100_5583.JPG 100_5584.JPG 100_5587.JPG
100_5589.JPG 100_5590.JPG 100_5591.JPG
100_5592.JPG 100_5593.JPG 100_5594.JPG
100_5595.JPG 100_5596.JPG 100_5597.JPG
100_5598.JPG 100_5600.JPG 100_5601.JPG
100_5603.JPG 100_5604.JPG 100_5605.JPG
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