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Meeting at Fraggle's place in Hannover (Nov. 2007)

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Last weekend I met with Fraggle, Face Hugger and BSC at Fraggle's apartment in Hannover. We didn't really do much CPC related stuff, though Fraggle once ran BSC's Soundtrakker on a CPC emulator on his PC to listen to some old CPC tunes. Besides that we played a lot of PS3 and Wii games and took long trips down CPC-memory lane. It's hard to believe, but the times when we were still active on the CPC have gone by for over 10 years now!
In rememberance of that, I took the liberty to create a photomontage in which I copied portraits from the four of us from 12 to 15 years ago on the according bodies in a picture that was taken at this mini-meeting. Can you spot the difference?



P.S.: BSC and I discovered during that meeting that you can play Wii Sports Tennis with four Wiimotes and just two players at the same time, with either player handling two Wiimotes (see last image in this slideshow). It's quite stressful but great fun. You should also give it a try...

100_1108.JPG 100_1109.JPG 100_1110.JPG
100_1111.JPG 100_1112.JPG 100B1122.JPG
100_1130.JPG 100_1130_damals 100_1131.JPG
100_1132.JPG 100_1133.JPG

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