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Demo party Evoke 2012 in Cologne, Germany (10. - 12. August 2012)

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BSC persuaded me to come to the demo party Evoke 2012 in Cologne this year. At first I was reluctant, but then I decided to go there at least for Saturday and Sunday and I must say, it was quite worth it!

Being at a demo party after so many years was really an interesting experience. Even though the hardware and the machines have changed (or in many cases have NOT changed!), the people and the atmosphere are still the same (or quite similar). I wasn't aware that the people there still had so much fun, even after the dull PCs took over the demo scene.

Oh and I met one of my great 8 Bit heroes: Chris Hüsbek, the creator of many famous C64 and Amiga tunes such as Turrican, Rock'n'Roll, To be on Top, Katakis, The Great Giana Sisters, etc. And even though he is so famous he was quite open and nice (and he wasn't as tall as I expected him to bee, just look at the comparison between him and BSCÉ - I didn't have a picture taken of him and me, I'm was too shy ^_-).



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