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Marabus 70. birthday 2012 in Castle Sommershausen, Germany (7./8. July 2012)

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I still remember how I met Marabu exactly 20. years ago on the first Castle Party in Sommershausen in 1992! Marabu hosted the "Castle Party #1" on his 50. birthday and I was totally unaware of that when he picked me up at the train station in Biberach on that day.

After I entered the car I asked the driver (who I was expecting to be the father of the CPC freak who was celebrating his birthday): "I heard that someone was celebrating his birthday today. So who is it and how old is he getting today?"

You can imagine my surprise, when the driver said: "Well, that's me and I'm turning 50. today." And "Mama Lores" screams: "A broad, a broad, I said I don't want any broads here", when I exited the car, gave me the rest! (You know, I was still having long hair back thenÉ) But even after that initial shock I came back to the castle and so far I haven't regretted a single visit!

So, going back to the castle this year to celebrate Marabus 70. birthday was a total no brainer. I was glad to be invited and I had a great time there!

Happy birthday, Marabu!

I hope I can be there again for your 80. birthday in 10 years!

All the best,


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