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Megablasters Title


The creation of the story for Megablasters was similar to the development of many Hollywood pictures. After I've finished the level design and programming (corresponding to the "filming" for the Hollywood metaphor) I needed to write a story around my game (corresponding to writing the story about all the action and special effects in a typical Hollywood picture).

I had some pictures Rex had drawn and a rough outline of what Rex thought would be an adequate story for Megablasters. So I had to write up some text, about a prophecy, twin babies with supernatural powers, greed and kidnapping and a daring rescue mission. It was a regular story for a game of this kind.

Some days ago I took the time to read this story for the first time in almost ten years and I realized that I was obviously influenced by Star Wars when I wrote this story. All that stuff with "Dark Side" sounds rather ludicrous to me nowadays. Well at that time I thought it was a nice story - but after releasing the game I received some criticism for the story (e.g. by Amstrad Action in their review of my game).

But as I've told you above I wasn't putting much emphasis on the story. The game and its playability was much more of a concern of mine. And after I had made sure that I had done everything I could to create a great game I didn't really care much about the story anymore. Well I doubt that many people have read it anyway (besides the Amstrad Action reviewers maybe).

So if you missed your chance to read the story in the original game, here it is again for your convenience...

Story Screen

Story Screen: The kids are gone!
Legend tells that every thousand years a pair of twins bearing the birthmark of a Butterfly are being born. These twins wield special powers and when they join their forces they will become the almighty rulers of the known world. The parents of these children will have the difficult task of raising the twins as virtuous and caring beings who know how to use their supernatural power. If they are raised the right way, they can bring back peace and freedom to the land. But if they fall into the wrong hands and are turned to the dark side, they will bring death and destruction!

Now it was once again the time for these twins to return to the world...

But the land was torn into fragments by more than a hundred years of war and destruction. Ravaged by nameless diseases and natural disasters. A land that more than ever needed the strong and faithful leadership of the twins.

But the evil sorcerer Cobron was already planing to seize the children and to divert them to follow his will.

Up to now the parents of the two have been able to protect them from his dark desire. But the times have become hard and they went into town to buy food and supplies for their children, leaving behind the twins and their oldest son Bart.

They knew that he was a careful baby-sitter and would keep an eye over the twins. So they left reassured, that the children were in safety.

But what they didn't know was that the evil forces had been waiting for something like this to happen and were already setting out to kidnap the babies.

Story Screen
Story Screen: Going hunting!
That wouldn't be easy with Bart keeping watch over the twins! But this problem was going to be solved at the very moment when Bart's best friend Bob entered the scene to ask Bart to go to a fair with him.

Bart told him that he couldn't go because he had to watch the babies. But Bob came up with an idea how they could keep watch over the twins and go to the fair anyway.

They ordered a nurse to look after the twins as long as they were gone. They intended to be home before Bart's parents were back and no one would ever find out that they went to the fair.

So they went away, leaving behind the nurse guarding the twins. But somehow Bart felt guilty of breaking his promise to never leave the childern alone. And there was more, he counldn't quite say, what it was. But something about the nurse made him feel very uneasy.

Then suddenly a flash of realization shook him! 'The Ring', he cried out. 'The nurse wore the Cobra ring!' and he started to run.

They rushed home as fast as their legs would carry them, but when they entered the house panting heavily they found the cradle empty apart from a note reading...

'Now your twin brothers are mine and the world will kneel to me! Don't try to rescue them or you will be destroyed.

Yours, Cobron'

'Sniff, what will my parents say when they find out what has happened?', wailed Bart. 'And what will happen to our world, when Cobron wins the twins over to his evil plans?', asked Bob. 'We have to rescue them or we will all be doomed! Don't stand there and cry. Come on, Bart. We've got a task to solve! Cobron may have the power of Witchery, but we have the Power of the Megablasters!!!

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