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Before taking a look at the scans taken from three different issues of the well known and longest running commercial CPC magazine, Amstrad Action, I'd like to ask you to take a look at my statement on copyright issues for these scans.
By the time Megablasters was released there weren't many commercial Amstrad magazines or fanzines left. But all of these few magazines and fanzines wrote favorable reviews of Megablasters. Here are some examples:

>> Amstrad Action #105: Megablasters preview
>> Amstrad Action #111: Megablasters review
>> Amstrad Action #112: Megablasters demo

Besides the articles in the last commercial Amstrad CPC Magazine, Megablasters has been reviewed and rated by several other people and websites. Examples are:

  • Megablasters scored the top spot in a list of combined video game ratings from various magazines created by Ritchardo mkII (from CPC Zone) on the CPC Wiki.

  • Xyphoe awarded Megablasters the highest position in his YouTube video of TOP 20 Amstrad CPC games.

  • On the massive CPC Game Reviews website Nicholas Campbell gave Megablasters a 10 out of 10 top rating.

  • In a review on the official Retro Gamer website, author zerocool praised Megablasters for its four player mode as well for its graphics, sound and addictive gameplay.

  • Jerry Ellis, author of "THE 8-BIT BOOK - 1981 TO 199X" wrote the latest review of Megablasters (in 2009), where he calls it a "breathtaking bomberman derivative" and an "8-bit masterpiece".

  If you know of any other magazines or fanzines that have previews or reviews of Megablasters please let me know and/ or send me scans of the respective review page(s).

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