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Halloween Party 2005

These are pictures from last Halloween. We've had a big party in our flat with lots of disgusting food and scary disguises. By the way, I dressed up as a Killer Clown from Outta Space - just in case you didn't recognize it...

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100_1683.JPG 100_1684.JPG 100_1685.JPG
100_1686.JPG 100_1687.JPG 100_1688.JPG
100_1690.JPG 100_1691.JPG 100_1692.JPG
100_1693.JPG 100_1694.JPG 100_1695.JPG
100_1696.JPG 100_1697.JPG 100_1699.JPG
100_1700.JPG 100_1701.JPG 100_1702.JPG
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100_1710.JPG 100_1711.JPG 100_1712.JPG
100_1713.JPG 100_1704.JPG 100_1705.JPG
100_1706.JPG 100_1707.JPG