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Out in the street on the "Schmotzige Dunschdig" at the German carnival

on February, 23rd 2006

Fasnet, the German carnival, is a very big thing in Konstanz. Especially on the last Thursday before the Rosenmontag (Carnival Monday) the whole city is a big and endless party from 6 in the morning till around 5 to 6 on the next morning. People dress up, hang out together and often drink themselves unconscious.. You can imagine.

Well me and two of my roommates as well as a colleague from the university dressed up and blended in with the crowd on the "Schmotzige Dunschdig". Enjoy!
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100_2724.JPG 100_2725.JPG 100_2726.JPG
100_2728.JPG 100_2729.JPG 100_2731.JPG
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100_2744.JPG 100_2745.JPG 100_2746.JPG
100_2747.JPG 100_2748.JPG 100_2749.JPG
100_2750.JPG 100_2751.JPG 100_2752.JPG
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100_2759.JPG 100_2764.JPG 100_2771.JPG
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100_2784.JPG 100_2785.JPG 100_2786.JPG
100_2787.JPG 100_2788.JPG 100_2789.JPG
100_2790.JPG 100_2791.JPG 100_2792.JPG
100_2793.JPG 100_2794.JPG 100_2796.JPG
100_2797.JPG 100_2798.JPG 100_2799.JPG