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Xzentrix 2023 party in Seeshaupt, Germany (25. August - 27. August 2023)

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The 25th anniversary xZentrix saw a return of most of the usual suspects and a few new faces as well. There wasn't a really big celebration of the anniversary though but just the usual mix of watching retro demos, playing games, drinking beer and dancing (DDR...) while outside the world seemingly came to an end - honestly it rained in a few minutes as much as in a month. Luckily we were inside and only wet from sweat (from dancing - what were you thinking?)

And for legal reasons yet again: if you don't want to see your picture online because of the DSGVO or some other ruling, then don't go to the xZentrix and stay a home or send me a mail and I will put a smiley on your face!


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