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Art Exhibition in Castle Sommershausen (20. - 22. May. 2011)

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On the weekend of May 20 to 22nd an art exhibition was held in Marabus Castle Sommershausen in southern Germany. The distinguished professor Ottmar Hörl from the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Nürnberg and some of his students had put up their artworks in different rooms of the Castle Sommershausen.
For most people who visited the Castle this was a double feature, first seeing the art exhibition and secondly getting a glimpse into the life of the successor of the noble patrons who built the castle.

For Jodel5 and me it was an occasion to visit Hiroyuki and Marabu and again spend some time in the castle we've come to know and admire for 19 years!

Following you can see the pictures from that event and from the concert of Ann Farmer and her band (www.ann-farmer.de) who filled the tepid May night with some lovely music!
To download the whole set of images in the original 12 megapixel size as ZIP archive (92MB) click here
To download just the pictures of Ann Farmer and her band in the original 12 megapixel size as ZIP archive (23MB) click here
(Windows/ Linux users: you can delete the .jpg files with 0kb length, they belong to the Mac OSX filing system and have no relevance for you).

By the way, in this slideshow I added a new and long overdue feature:
From now on, clicking on an image will actually show the next image! So you don't have to click on the next-link in the top right corner anymore! (Man, I really have to update the layout of this whole site!)


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