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Overscan Slideshow


Al Bundy
Al Bundy picture
Lovebyte often expressed the wish to convert some images from the PC to the CPC and then create a CPC overscan demo with it. Since Lovebyte wasn't this well grounded in programming he asked me to create a program to display these images.

Lovebyte used Face Huggers DOS Copy to copy the PC images to a CPC disk and then he had some program that converted the images into overscan screens (I think he used Face Hugger's Iffcon to convert the pictures, but I'm not so sure anymore). It was up to me to create a short program that would display the images on the screen and wait for a keypress so that it can load the next screen. This program was nothing big, I just wanted to help Lovebyte to release a small demo on the CPC.

For the music I used the tune from the four player mode of Megablasters. I don't know anymore why I chose this sound. Probably it was the first sound I was able to locate on my discs...

Anyway, Lovebyte converted some pictures, I created a small presentation with these images to show Lovebyte how it will look like. In the end Lovebyte didn't ever use that program to release an overscan slideshow. Probably he didn't have the time or joy anymore to do some more conversions or he was too busy with other things.

So the program still exists, the pictures are also all there and thus I thought I could devote a short page in the web to that program that could have been Lovebytes first CPC demo...

Bondage Anime
Bondage Anime picture
Hentai pictures are Lovebytes favorites...


A bulldog
This bulldog picture is my favorite...
Big eye
The big eye is also really good looking!


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