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The Amstrad CPC game Megablasters was a game of superlatives:

  • it had 11 worlds with 90 different levels featuring 76 unique enemies and 13 end of level guardians.
  • There were 14 original songs and over 510 kilobytes of graphics.
  • The source code of the game was 1.64 MB long and took up almost 60 disc sides. Printed out it would have taken up 717 pages.
  • After being compiled the code was 926 kilobytes long and just barely fitted on four disc sides.

Nobody had ever before released a game of these proportions on the Amstrad CPC and afterwards only Black Land from Bollaware was able to hold up to this achievement!

As you can imagine a game of this dimension wasn't conceived over night. It took almost 25 months from the first tentative steps to the final game!

On the following pages you'll learn how the idea for Megablasters was born and how the original Battle Mode first made the transition from Mode 1 to Mode 0 and than slowly expanded into such an enormous two player game, that offered hours of fun and entertainment to its players!

So take some time and enter into the world of Megablasters!

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