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End of World Guardians

Follwing is a list of all the End of World Guardians of Megablasters. All in all there are 13 End of World Guardians (you meet Cobron three times, which I count as separate enemies, since the programs of these three different Cobrons are very much different from one anothers).

In the list below you will find the names of the Guardians and the worlds where you meet them. Besides that you will learn more about the programming and abilities of these guardians as well as how to defeat them.

Name: Big Plastic SnakeLevel: Rookie Final
Big Plastic SnakeDescription:

At the end of the Rookie world you face the last of the lethal toys from this world: A big plastic snake!

The Plastic Snake is pretty fast for a snake. It moves around with high speed and takes turns whenever she wants to - that is, it is not circling around (counter-) clockwise like all the other enemies in this world.

Before you face the snake you'd better go to the BONUS level and try to collect some shoes, so that you can match the speed of the snake.

How to kill?

Drop bombs like you've never dropped bombs before! The snake needs a lot of hits before it melts. You can see the status of the snake by the color of its skin. The redder it get the sooner it will die. If it's utterly brown it won't take a lot more hits before it dies.


Name: Town HallLevel: 1 Final
Town HallDescription:

When you finally reach the center of the town to proclaim the liberation of the village to its inhabitants you have to discover that the towns' politicians cooperate with Cobron. They have barricaded the town council and start shooting from its dome at you!

But watch out, every now and then somebody will start shooting at you from the turret of the Town Council. In this case all the local politicians will cover themselves under their top-hats - these wimps!

How to kill?

The Town Council has very strong walls. You have to hit it from every side several times before the whole structure collapses. The amount of cracks and fires coming from holes in the walls give a hint on how much damage you've already done to this building.


Name: Big Bad PumpkinLevel: 2 Final
Big Bad PumpkinDescription:

When you see the big pumpkin surfacing from the field you're eyes are not shining like Charlie Browns' would. Something tells you that this Pumpkin isn't going to shower you with Helloween gifts!

After you toasted the little brothers of the Big Pumpkin he has all the right in the world to be pissed off by you - and he obviously also doesn't have any problem with articulating his anger.

The Pumpkin will try to crush you with his mere body weight. It jumps around like a rubber ball despite his enormous size (and weight) and follows you wherever you go. So you'd better stay in motion or you will be flattened out!

How to kill?

Well even a big bad pumpkin isn't invulerable. It'll take a lot more hits than his little brothers and sisters, but the organic shell of the pumpkin will sooner or later be giving in to your bombs.

Collecting some shoes and lots of bombs and fire in the BONUS level before facing the Pumpkin makes your task a lot easier!


Name: Mean Mauritia flexuosa Level: 3 Final
Mean Mauritia flexuosa Description:

At the end of the forest you discover a strange old tree that has developed a self-contiousness during the past centuries of its existence.

Since it's tied to one place due to its roots that go deep into the ground and prevent it from moving around it isn't too happy with its life - no female trees around to keep him company!

Besides that the Mauritia flexuosa (Tropical Palm Tree) is very much afraid of anything burning. When you came closer and closer with all your bombs and explosions it became enraged with fear that you would harm it.

So when you finally stand before it, the Mauritia is way beyond reason and starts to drop exploding seeds at you, hoping that you burn to death before it is burned itself!

How to kill?

Wood burns, doesn't it? Maybe it needs a few hits before it catches fire, so you'd better drop all the bombs you have.

But beware, the exploding seeds of the Palm tree can accidentially ignite your bombs before you are out of the way in a safe distance. Especially since the seeds produce huge explosions that cover many fields at the same time!


Name: NeptuneLevel: 4 Final

At the end of the Bog you face the god Neptune who was reassigned to this swamp by his employer Zeus. Naptune and Zeus had a discussion about the table manners of Neptune and thus Zeus has sent Neptune send to a refresher course in table manners to the Bog of Eternal Stench.

When you suddenly show up in Neptunes new realm he intends to relieve his anger on you!

He sends out his sharks to kill you and besides that he stomps on the ground with his staff. When he hits the ground with his staff the earth shakes and your bombs will drown and become ineffective.

How to kill?

Try to get rid ot the sharks first to get an unblocked firing access to Neptune. Just hit the sharks several times to kill them. Then you can go to take your shot at Neptune himself.


Name: JailLevel: 5 Final

The inmates of the city jail have taken control of the facility and have imprisoned the guards. Now they're on a rampage with the police cars and tanks. They shoot at you from the turrets of the jail and from tanks and try to run over you with the police transporters.

How to kill?

Hit the jail several dozen times to destroy it. Avoid or destroy the tanks and transporters and try to dodge the bullets being shot at you from the turrets. It doesn't matter where you hit the jail, just that you hit it! (In contrast to the town-hall).


Name: Frozen MammutLevel: 6 Final
Frozen MammutDescription:

The mammut was frozen in the ice for thousands of years. When you came along with all your bombs and all the fire you've melted the ice covering the mammut and revived the mammut. But instead of being grateful it started to get angry, because it figured out that it was the last of its species and that there weren't any women around for "nodge, nodge, you know what I mean".

Now it tries to kill you by blowing the bombs you drop right back at you. It'll also stamp with its feet setting off avalanches that start to cover the whole game screen. You cannot blow away this ice since it's anchient ice from that past that can withstand your bombs. If you're not fast enough you'll get trapped in the ice and will suffer the same fate like the mammut!

How to kill?

Drop as many bombs as possible to kill the mammut before you get trapped, else your game is over! Getting to the bonus level and collecting bombs, shoes and fire helps a lot. If you drop bombs right in front of the mammut see that you get away before it blows the bombs at you can kills you with your own means.


Name: ZeusLevel: Secret Final

Zeus is pretty mad at you for invading his kingdom! At the end of the Castle in the Cloud he waits for you determined to set an end to your looting and bombing spree.

This is a situation where looks can kill! When Zeus opens his eye to look at you make sure that you're everywhere but in his view. He shoots deadly light rays at you and also blows with a mighty wind at you and your bombs. Everything in the path of this storm will be blown away agains the back of the playing area where deadly spikes await your arrival.

One look from Zeus eyes will also suffice to ignite your bombs, probably starting a chain reaction if you've dropped a lot of bombs.

How to kill?

Zeus is strong but not invincible. Hit him many times to set an end to his reign. Try to stay away from your own explosions and try to be as far away from the bombs you drop in a horizontal row, since Zeus breath will blow these to the back of the playing field.

The best position to stay is in the horizontal row at the bottom of the screen where Zeus cannot touch you!


Name: Mother SpiderLevel: 7 Final
Mother SpiderDescription:

After defeating all the Vampyres, Skeletons and Bats you suddenly find yourself in a Cave with a giant spider.

It the Mother Spider who intends to protect her children against you. She spits exploding poison at you and tries to stab you with her thorn.

Since it's so big, the mother spider cannot move around, but don't underestimate the poison bubbles she spits at you.

Also when you drop a bomb at her back, she can ignite it with her thorn.

How to kill?

Try to hit her as many times as possible before she starts to spit at you igniting your bombs.

But be warned, when you kill her you will be surprised!


Name: VolcanoLevel: 8 Final

Finally you've reached the summit of the mountain to face the deadly volcano! The volcano spits lava to block your way and to run you over with. But it also erupts and then hot lava drops rain down on you an explode, when they hit the ground.

You have to watch out for all these different obstacles and try to burn down the volcano before it burns down you!

How to kill?

The volcano is quite a big pile of cooled lava, but even lava can be broken into pieces - you just have to be presistent enough.

Just watch out that you don't get hit by falling lava drops too often. These drops are quite unpredictable and you never know where it's going to explode!


Name: Cobron First EncounterLevel: 9 Final
Cobron First EncounterDescription:

Finally you face your archfiend Cobron! He stands in front of you in life-size.

But Cobron wouldn't be Cobron if he didn't have an ace up the sleeves. He shoots missiles at you that explode in giant firebolts. And something else seems to be strange: your own bombs don't seem to be effective against Cobron. Oh dear! He has obviously cast an invulnerablilty spell on himself, so that he is invulerable to your explosions..

But if you have discovered the Super Secret Level in the Secret World you'll know what to do!

How to kill?

You fool, did you think you could just walk in there and blow Cobron away? You cannot kill him with your ridiculous bombs.


Name: Cobron Second EncounterLevel: 9 Final
Cobron Second EncounterDescription:

If you have found the ACME bomb you will face Cobron again. But this time you're not unarmed!

With the magic blast of the ACME bomb you can actually penetrate Cobron's spell and inflict damage on him.

But beware, Cobron isn't alone. He still has magic powers left. So he doesn't only shoot at you, but he dispenses strange looking heads, that attack you.

How to kill?

Since you now have the ACME bomb you're not defenseless anymore. Try to hit Cobron as much as possible with your magic blasts. But watch ouf for his resistance.


Name: Cobra CobronLevel: 9 Final 3
Cobra CobronDescription:

Just when you think you're about to kill Cobron he comes up with a final magic trick: he finally reveals his real face to you: the face of a Cobra snake!

Your enduring barrage has weakend Cobron's powers, so that he cannot keep up his human disguise any longer.

This also means that he hasn't much powers left to defend himself against you. He's still shooting at you with magic blasts, but if you dodge these and drop some of your own bombs instead, you should be able to finally kill him.

How to kill?

Just drop everything you've got and try to avoid Cobron's own shots. He still needs some more hits, before he is dead, but with your ACME bombs you've got the best means possible to blast him to hell


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