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Megablasters Title

Original Soundtrack

In my opinion, any game needs a good soundtrack, not just a title music playing in the title or menue screen, but also an ingame music, that plays while you, the gamer, play the game. This supports the action and covers sections in the game, where the action takes a break or the gameplay runs a little slower than in other parts of the game.

When I decided to go for a multi-world gameplay in Megablasters I never even thought about NOT having different musical scores for each world. The only problem was, who was going to create the tracks for each world since my musician (Kangaroo Musique) and I went different ways after some creative differences.

Luckily I had joined the HJT (Hajemara Team) some months earlier and the HJT had a great young musician in the team: Crittersoap! So while Kangaroo Musique did the smashing piece playing in the battle mode, the rest of the great score was created by Crittersoap of the HJT!

Unfortunately the code and graphics for the gameplay took so much RAM that I wasn't able to fit the music into the 64kb RAM of the CPC464 and 664 anymore and had to store it in the expansion RAM of the CPC 6128. Hence, the ingame music can only be enjoyed by CPC 6128 users...

For me, the music has become so familiar and iconographic that just listening to it instanty takes me back to the time when I created the game and makes me remember all the different worlds, levels and enemies I created for this game. I hope that this music will also take you back to 1994 when Megablasters hit the screens of countless Amstrad CPCs throughout the world!

Down below is a complete list of all the music tracks from the Megablasters Original Sound Track for you to download and listen to. Alternatively you can download a ZIP-archive with the complete soundtrack and the title image here (21 MB ZIP-Archive).


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