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Megablasters Title


Original Megablasters Credits

Programming, SFX, Level and Enemy Design and additional graphics
Odiesoft of HJT

Graphics, End of World Enemies and intro sequence pictures
Rex of Sex

Music artist and game testing
Crittersoap of HJT

Special four player music
Kangaroo Musique

Moral support and inspiration

Additional game testing and bug report
Tic of The Firm
The Villain of HJT
Woodman of HJT
Marabu of HJT
Lovebyte of HJT
Overload of HJT
Odin of my family
and Kangaroo Musique

All files were compacted using Elmsofts' turbocruncher!


Megablasters Tribute web page credits

All texts written in 2003 by Odiesoft. Original Megablasters graphics and cover art are copyright 1993, 1994 by Rex and were converted to PNG format by Odiesoft in 2003. Copying, linking or reproduction of any of the presented material is not permitted without the written permission by the author.

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