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Farting Worm


Worm is entering the scene
The worm is entering the scene!
For this set of short animations I again borrowed an idea from the Amiga. I some demo (I don't remember which) the creators had programed a small animation about a worm that entered the screen, stopped, farted and then crawled away quickly.

I found this animation funny and thought that you could extend this idea to several animations with the same basic idea, but different events. I'm not much of a graphics artist, but I gave it a try anyway and the animation looked nice. I was especially proud on the turning of the head of the worm which took me quite some time to create.

So in this original animation the worm enters the screen from the right, crawls half way across the screen and stops there. It twists its head to look at the user and then gets dreamy eyes before he suddenly farts (in the animation the sound is lacking, so you can just see it's tail wiggle) and then it leaves the scene in a hurry.

Farting Worm
The star of this animation blinks
I intended to make a show with several episodes out of this animation. I thought it would be ideal as a short in-between animation that is being presented between two consecutive parts in a megademo.

I had several ideas for additional parts, but I've only implemented just two of these ideas: First I've created the whole animation in an unlit environment. So you can only see the eyes of the worm in the darkness. The animation is almost the same, with the small difference that after the worm has farted and flees from the scene, the eyes move in two different directions. I found that idea quite amusing and I also had others that were going to be much more surprising and funny.

Farting Worm
The worm suddenly has a very relaxing feeling...
So the second and last idea to be realized is a little rougher. The basic animation is the same (like in all other planned versions): the worm enters the screen and stops in the center. Then it tries to fart, but it obviously has constipation and cannot fart. So it tries harder and harder until suddenly it tries too hard and its head explodes in a big blast. Parts of the head fly around, the eyes land on the floor and blood gushes out of the stump of the neck. For a moment they blink surprised and then they disappear.

Other planned versions for this makeshift animation were:

  • Balloon Worm: The fart doesn't go in the correct direction, that is instead of exiting on the rear end of the worm it blows the worm up into a balloon which then floats away.
    The worm is fleeing the scene
    The worm is fleeing the scene!
  • Rocket Worm: The worm suddenly straightens up and ignites like a rocket, flies into the air and crashes in the distance.
  • Skeleton Worm: The worm tries too hard to fart and suddenly he farts his body out of the skin, that is the skeleton complete with the organs and intestines is blown out of the skin which collapses behind the worm into a lump of skin.
  • Scrunched Worm: When the worm tries to fart suddenly a big boot appears from the top of the screen and flattens the worm under its sole. When the foot moves on you can see parts of the dead worm sticking to the sole and pulling threads.
  • Afterburner: When the worm starts to fart suddenly a fire shoots out of its ass speeding the worm up and shooting him out of the left screen side.

These are all the ideas I can remember now. I had started on the Balloon Worm animation, but the balloons I painted always looked so awful and two dimensional so that I stopped working on other versions of the farting worm animation.

In the darkness
The worm enters the scene in darkness
This feeling again
There is this special feeling again!
Fleeing again
The worm is fleeing the scene again,
in two different directions...
Worm turning its head
The worm turns its head.
Trying hard
The worm is trying hard - it's just not coming out!
That was too much pressure!
That was too much pressure!
Blood and pieces flying around
Blood and pieces of the worm are flying around!
A splash of blood from the neck
A splash of blood is coming out of the worms neck!
The eyes blink a final time
The eyes of the worm blink a final time!
The eyes pop and disappear The eyes pop and disappear!
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