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August, 27th 2023: Finally new slideshows

First website update after 8 years - and no I didn't improve the layout (what's CSS again?!?) - but I uploaded the xZentrix galleries of the past 8 years (including the current year) - due to public (Prodi) demand!
Go to the Amstrad CPC galleries section to view the images of the past annual xZentrix parties.

Old news

November, 14th 2015: News and several slide shows Over the past month I didn't find the time to update this page and upload the latest slide shows anymore. This has two important reasons: first of all, my wife and I welcomed our first child in October 2014 and the little guy is demanding a lot of my spare time.
Secondly, I started a new job as the Lead Game Designer and Balancer in the Strategy Games Division of Goodgame Studios in Hamburg and thus had a lot of learning and updating of my knowledge to do, since I haven't been working in the game industry for the past 20 years. But it feels definitely good to be back in this industry - chances that there will be another Odiesoft game have suddenly greatly improved! (But I don't want to promise anything!)

I've uploaded the following three slides shows today:

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