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Castle Party 2010 in Castle Sommershausen (18. - 20. Jun. 2010)

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17 years after the last Castle Party, Marabu, the owner of the Castle and former front man of the HJT, invited a few former CPC-freaks to the castle again to party and have fun!

It really felt like those 17 years hadn't passed at all. We all had a great time, we stayed up late and talked, played video games and looked at pictures from other CPC parties. Oh and some guys even turned on a CPC to try out some programs and two printers Marabu sold the other night.

The following freaks, spouses and chilrden attended the party: Marabu and Jutta, Hiroyuki and her friend Claudia, Monika (the oldest daughter of Marabu), Crittersoap with wIfe Miriam and children Ronja and Hannah, Mr. and Mrs. Ams, BSC, Prodatron, Jodel5, Villain, Kangaro, Marcus (briefly), Nilquader, Brainblaster, Octoate, Crown, Gert Genial, Elmsoft, and yours truly.

To download the whole set of images as ZIP archive (316MB) here
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