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This Indian surely hasn't come to make a deposit...
While experimenting with interrupts I had the idea to create a Westbank type game that uses interrupts to control the doors that open every now and then to reveal a customer or a bank robber.

Since I was always keen on earning some money with my programming skills I intended the game to be small enough to be printed in a magazine. Thus I had to create very small graphics objects for the doors, the customers/ bad dudes and for the background. Then I zoomed these small objects to twice their size, so that they would fill the whole screen with action.

As you can easily observe on the picture this zooming resulted in a very crude and bulky look. But hey, that's what one must do to save memory.

Well anyway, the game is almost complete. The doors open and close controlled by an interrupt, you can move the hand with the gun and shoot anybody standing in the door frame, you can get money by serving a customer or lose money by killing him or her, you can get shot by on of the bad dudes, you can scroll the screen to the left an right.

The only things missing are some sounds, a menu to define the keys, start the game and look at the high scores. So why didn't I finish this game?

I think in the end the bad graphics finally got me and obliterated my motivation to finish this game. The graphics was just too awful to have my name appear in conjunction with it...

Well so finally you get to see it anyways. It was one of my early attempts to create a game and as you all know it fortunately wasn't my last.

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