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The End


The End
Citation from the Alien novel
This was supposed to become the final part of a planned Megademo of mine. I was reading the Alien novels at that time and the book to the first Alien movie ended with the last words of Lt. Ripley. I've found that last paragraph impressing and used it as the last text for my Megademo in-spe.

At first I intended to change the words a little. Something like "This is Odiesoft, the last surviving member of the CPC scene, signing off". (Even though this still wouldn't be true...). But I never changed the words.

"The End" text was created with a BASIC vector graphics routine. The texture was mapped onto the text with a BASIC routine that took about 2 hours or so, to put every pixel at the correct position on the text.

The story of the texture is quite funny: I wanted to have some sort of marble texture for the text, but I didn't know where I could get a good marble texture. I tried to use some background textures from my Acorn Archimedes, but they weren't good enough.

So I started using a handy scanner to scan different textures of places in my house (unfortunately they had to be close to the PC of my brother to which the scanner was connected). Finally I came up with the idea of scanning the window sill in my brothers room. He has a window sill made of fake marble or so.

The End
The End textured vector font
After the usual Archimedes -> Amstrad conversion it looked good enough to be used for the vector font. So I let the CPC do his two hour conversion and was quite happy with the result.

Originally this demo was intended to be more than just a floating text. I wanted to let the text "The End" explode in a supernova and then have some debris flying towards the screen. I thought I could create an explosion like it was used in the game "Captain Blood" from ERE Informatique.

I also thought that it should be possible to create huge debris sprites floating away in all directions with some pre-calculation and fancy programming. But I never gave it a try, though.

This part was never released in any demo...

The End

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