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Space Warrior


Space Warrior game
Space Warrior flying through "Outrun" palm trees...
When the CPC conversion of Space Harrier port came out in 1989 I played it a lot, even though I didn't like the fact, that Elite used vector graphics instead of textured sprites like in the original Arcade version. (Also I couldn't fix a hydraulic chair to my CPC, so that I didn't get the real Arcade feeling... but that's another story).

Sometimes the collision detection of the original Space Harrier was a little crappy - often you died even though you were 'miles away' from the obstacle :-)

So I thought that the CPC should deserve a better conversion - and who would be more suited to create this conversion that yours truely?

The first problem I had while thinking about a CPC conversion was yet again the graphics. But for testing purposes I just copied some palm trees from Outrun (another game I liked, even though the conversion was bad...) and painted some kind of guy on a flying something.

All went well. I did my usual double buffering graphics, had some BASIC programm load and start the game and take control of the Joystick movement. But, well, somehow it didn't work out the way I would have liked it to.

The game was a little slow and when I thought about adding enemies and shots and some more obstacles besides palm trees I figured that I (or the CPC) maybe wasn't able to do a proper conversion of Space Harrier. Besides I started to work on other projects and somehow never continued the work on "Space Warrior"...

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