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Slideshow #2


Alice in Wonderland
The title screen of the Magnetic Scrolls game:
Alice in Wonderland
Sometimes it's really funny what one finds when browsing through old Amstrad CPC discs...

In the past weeks I've auctioned off some of my old Amstrad CPC stuff, that is I've sold three old Amstrad CPC 464 computers with FDD1 disc stations and some old discs to clear out my attic.

But before I actually put those CPCs up on eBay I browsed through all of the old discs, to see whether there was still something useful on them. And thus I've found another slideshow with pictures that I converted from the Acorn Archimedes using my RS232 connection hard- and software!

This time I instantly remembered creating the slide show when I saw the directory of the disc. Last time I neither remember scanning the pictures nor converting them to the CPC. Memory sometimes plays weird tricks on you!

Well anyway. Here is another set of pictures that were converted from the Acorn. Some of them are obviously ported from the Amiga of my brother, other's came with PD discs and slideshows on the Archimedes.

When converting them to the CPC I experimented with different screen sizes, so some of the pictures come in two sizes: Mode 1 with four colors and Mode 0 with 16 colors. You can decide what you like better...

Update on 16th December 2012

This Amiga Chimp image with the text "Some people said Commodore Amiga had no future" has obviously become quite famous and desperately wanted by some Amiga fans all over the world.
Some people emailed me in order to ask if I remembered where I got this image from, I also found a Croatian blog, where people discuss about this image and backlink to my web page. Obviously the quest for the source of this image hasn't been finished so far.
So here's what I was able to find out about this image:

I got this image from an Amiga slideshow, not from a demo! My disc with this slideshow had a read error, so I wasn't able to find out the name of this slideshow, but in one of the images of the slideshow there was the following text:

KopyKat (Australia)
This slideshow on behalf of the AMIGA..... all pictures were created by us with our equipment and with our own talents...

In another image of this slideshow there is a brick wall with this text on it:

Have you got new ideas in computer Graphics Sound Video...?
Steer Clear of that brick wall.... Come over to AMIGA!

Unfortunately, this is all I was able to find out. It's not much, but better than nothing.
I hope I was able to help anybody looking for information on this image. Good luck with finding out where this image originally came from ... and if you do, I would be happy if you could drop me a line an tell me, where this image DID come from.

The owl Archimedes from the Walt Disney Movie
The Sword in the Stone
Spitting Image
A picture from "Spiting Image"
A lion
A lion from some Archimedes slide show.
Max Headroom
This is from the eighties cult show: Max Headrom
Miss Piggy and Kermit
Miss Piggy and Kermit from the Muppets Show
A boat
A boat sailing into the evening sun.
Superman Christopher Reeve before his accident.
Tom and Jerry
The Tom and Jerry title didn't fit
on the CPC screen though.
Fairy tale castle
Some fairy tale castle
A chimp from an Amiga demo.
SciFi City
A SciFi city in Mode 1...
SciFi City #2
and in Mode 0!
Garfield in Mode 1 ...
Garfield #2
and Garfield in Mode 0!
Model of a spaceship

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