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Hiroyuki, Alien, Thriller and Excalibur
Hiroyuki, Alien, Thriller and Excalibur in Reims, France.
While I was browsing through some old 5 " discs I accidentally discovered this slide show I once compiled. I didn't remember creating it and was pleasantly surprised to find these images stored on one of these old discs.

Like all the other digitized images I converted to the CPC at that time these were also scanned with a black and white scanner with 16 brightness levels. Then I converted the images on my RiscPC and send them to the CPC through a serial link between the RiscPC and the CPC. It was quite a tedious procedure and the results weren't really great. I intended to improve the conversion program on the RiscPC so that it would use more colors and probably some shading algorithms to mix pixels of different colors to create a new color. I never found the time or interest to do that though.

Anyway, most of these pictures come from the Castle Party 1 and the Castle Party 1a and some are from the HJT trip to the Euromeeting 2 in Reims, France in 1992. Some pictures suffered from read errors and now have artefacts in them, but that's not unusual for discs that were stored away for almost 10 years. I should be happy that so many pictures survived all these years on these 40 tracks discs. All of the XDDOS discs didn't make it...


Marabu's Castle
The HJT headquarters from bird's-eye view.
Odie and Critty
This is me and Critty wrestling


On the phone
I'm on the phone, leaning on Hiroyuki and... Is it
just me or does Kanga look like he was pregnant?
Exi, Odie and Crown
Excalibur, me and Crown (and half of Weee)
in Reims, France


Castle Party 1
This is a part of the group picture from
the Castle Party 1 in 1992.
Hexenmeister, Odie and Hiro
I'm choking Hexenmeister and Hiroyuki is giggling


Caslte Party 1
This is the whole group of visitors
at the Castle Party 1.
Odie and Kanga
I'm approaching Kangaroo with no good intentions...


Crown, Lovebyte and Hiro
Crown, Lovebyte and Hiroyuki at an autobahn
service area on the way to the Euromeeting 2
Castle Party 1
Yet another part of the group picture
from the Castle Party 1.


Crittersoap is doing his cute faced look.
A detail from the Castle Party 1 group picture.
Next to me is one half of Elmsoft.
Btw. we used to call Elmsoft the symmetrical man
because you could mirror either half of his face
and he would still look the same. Try it!


Euromeeting 2
The whole crowd of CPC users at the
Euromeeting 2 in Reims, France in 1992
Teasing Hiro and Critty
I'm "hugging" Hiroyuki and Crittersoap.
Marabu doesn't look like he wants to intervene...


White Fang
This is the cover of the Jack London novel
"White Fang".
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