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Iron Maiden and Samurai Intro


Iron Maiden and Samurai Intro
This was my first intro ever...
Before I became a demo and game programmer I wanted to become famous by cracking games and distributing them with my name attached to them. Together with a friend of mine I wanted to form a cracking team. Since he was a big fan of the rock group "Iron Maiden" he chose this name as his cracker alias.

At first I called myself "Ninja", but when one of my friends had figured out that this "Ninja", who always put small BASIC intros in front of all the games that I had on my discs, has to be me I changed my alias into "Samurai". This friend of mine (he called himself "Phantom") also found out what my new alias was, but at that time I didn't care anymore.

Well "Iron Maiden" wasn't much of a programmer. He was more a player and supplier of software. So it was up to me to crack games and program intros to demonstrate that we had cracked the copy protection. So I wrote this intro, which was meant to be the introduction for our first cracked game.

The Intro is just a stupid scroller with our aliases painted in the center of the screen. But at that time in my career this was quite an achievement! I still used mostly system calls to define colors and set the mode, but all in all I was really happy with that (nowadays crappy) little program.

CPC Guru Meditation
CPC Guru Meditation.
Since I still had some time left I also included a little joke: when the user didn't press the Space bar to continue the CPC would show a Amiga like "Guru Meditation" message and then have the screen flash like crazy. I found the "press left mouse button" part of the message especially funny since the CPC didn't have a mouse.

In the end "Iron Maiden" and I never cracked a game together. (I cracked some later, but that's a different story). So this Iron Maiden and Samurai Intro was never released. But it's still noteworthy as being my first intro ever!

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