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Orgasmic Park Picture


When the first Jurassic Parkô movie came out there was a lot of advertisement in the movie theaters, in magazines and on TV. At some point I really started to hate all those commercial. You always saw the same scenes over and over again.

I don't mean to say that I didn't enjoy the movie (it was a lot better than the two sequels to come), but when you saw the same suspense shot over and over again there was no suspense left. Instead it was replaced by mere boredom.

Orgasmic Park Picture When Lovebyte/ Knutschfleck showed me a catalog of a poster and t-shirt mail-order-house I've discovered a t-shirt with these two fucking skeletons and instantly had the idea to create a parodie of the well known Jurassic Parkô poster.

I used a hand-scanner on the Amiga to scan the skeleton picture from this catalog. Then I've scanned a very small picture of the original Jurassic Parkô symbol off a movie magazine and converted all files to the CPC using my Archimedes to CPC RS232 link program.

I painted the "Orgasmic Park"-writing myself sticking closely with the original Jurassic Parkô font. It was a tedious work since I had to paint the font wide enough to fit on a overscan screen and I didn't have an overscan paint program.

Putting the skeletons into the picture was also not this easy. I had to write an overscan program where I was able to move the skeletons with the cursor keys around the screen to position them exactly into the circle.

Satisfied with the result I showed this picture to some of my friends and then forgot about it, since I didn't had any use for a single overscan picture. It's not enough for a picture collection and couldn't really be used as the background image in some demo.

Still I wanted to share this picture with the CPC-world and thus I added it as cheat part to the Wishing Well Construction Kit in the Divine Megademo.

I don't think anybody found out how to activate this cheat part. As far as I know nobody was aware that there were cheat parts in all of my parts for the Divine Megademo. To activate this part you have to start the Wishing Well Construktion Kit and press space to get to the instructions screen. Instead of starting the Construction Kit itself you have to press the following keys simultaneously: "o", "r", "g", "a", "s", "m", "i", "c".

If you've done that right the screen should go blank for a few seconds and then a number of text lines should appear one after the other.

On the common CPC emulators it seems to be a bit tricky to activate this part. It looks like the emulators have a hard time to emulate the keyboard responses correctly and with accurate timing.

I had the best results with the WinApe Emulator. Twice I was also able to activate the cheat part with Caprice, but with none of the others (No$CPC, Arnimedes, Arnold, ...).

The best strategy to activate this part is to keep hacking on those eight letters simultaneously or with very short interruptions (like use the right hand to press the keys "o", "i", "m" and the left hand to press "g", "c", "a", "r", "s" shortly afterwards).

Good luck!

By the way, the Orgasmic Park Picture Cheat Part included another cheat part for the unreleased GOS Party 4 title screen...

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