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Flying Ghostwriter Demo


I've seen an effect like this on my brothers' Amiga and I thought it looked really cool. As usual I wanted to port it to the CPC, just to see if it was possible.

Flying Ghostwriter Demo The reduction factor of the individual lines was pre-calculated as was the dimming of the lines in the distance. This was done to make sure that displaying the shrinked text lines wouldn't take up this much calculation time.

In the end I thought that the flying text lines looked neat, but weren't really such a big thing. I also didn't really have a use for that effect since I usually had a hard time writing text for demos anyway and this specific demo required a lot of text so that the users had enough time to admire this effect.

Since I didn't wanted this demo left unused at home I finally added it as a hidden part in the Mini Meeting Demo re-release for the "Divine Demo".

I've found the text "The History of Vortex Software" that is being displayed in this demo on some disc I had copied on a CPC party. I thought it was quite interesting to find out what has happened to these former CPC programmers.

I also liked the Vortex Software games "Revolution", "Tornado Low Level", "Highway Encounter" and "Android I and II" a lot. So I decided to use this text by Mark Haigh-Hutchinson for my demo. I hope the people like(d) it!

You had to type the word "HISTORY" in the Mini Meeting Demo, but as far as I know nobody ever found that out!

Typing in cheat word seems to run on WinApe only!

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