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Lamer picture


Let's make a photo
"Let's make" ... "a photo - cheese" text not shown
Female with camera
An attractive female is taking your picture
This demo was just a stupid idea to test a program of mine that converts scanned pictures from the Amiga to CPC overscan pictures. This picture intro pretended to take a picture of the user sitting in front of the screen and then show it on the screen - webcams weren't yet invited...

So I scanned a picture of a female using a camera from a foto & camera magazine and the cover of a comic artbook. Aditionally I converted a font from an Amiga demo for the text that is presented.

When you start the program the CPC tells you that he is going to take a picture ("Let's take a picture ... cheese") and then flashed the screen and shows the result, the stupid looking guy with the weird eye glasses.

I think most people didn't get that this stupid dude was supposed to be them. But on the other hand I think the demo probably didn't make this clear enough. Well it was a stupid idea in the first place anyway.


That's you
Well and that's supposed to be you! ;-)
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